WATCH: Bike Racers in France Get Beaten By A Train [VIDEO]

Train Blocks Cycling Race

Last weekend, we couldn’t believe how cyclists competing in Belgium’s Tour of Flanders competition kept getting hit by cars–especially cars that were there to support the racers. Now we’re baffled by today’s 113th edition of the annual Paris-Roubaix cycling race. You’d think those crazy Frenchies would’ve used the previous 112 editions to work out something with the local authorities when it comes to scheduling the trains during the big race.

But, no.

Instead, a bunch of guys hoping to catch up with the front-runners automatically won their Best Sportsmanship Awards when they came up to a railroad crossing being used by a railroad. We guess the agony of defeat wasn’t too bad for all these cyclists, since they were still 85 kilometers from the finish.

That’s like almost 50 miles in America–where we usually don’t let our competitions get blocked by trains, or goats, or whatever else is going on in these other countries. Not to brag, but we’re really hoping that we’re right in saying this can’t happen here. Take a look, or check the video out here


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