Monkey Saves Life of Monkey Bro in Christmas Miracle [VIDEO]

Monkey Bro Saves Monkey

A monkey in India was hanging out with his monkey pals over by the railroad tracks, and one of the monkeys went walking on an electrical wire and got a serious shock. It looked fatal, in fact. Fortunately, that monkey had a true bro who was like, all, “Damn, my bro is down! I must help!”

And that’s what the monkey did, as seen in one of about 300 videos shot by people standing on the train tracks in India. That’s a lot of people going to work on Christmas.

Anyway, we chose this video¬†because it’s always funny to hear a crisp British accent intoning about monkeys. This is a real Christmas miracle, too. We¬†tried to cross the subway tracks once, and one of our bros accidentally touched the third rail, and we said, “Bro, are you okay?” Then we just ran away because the body was smoldering. This video is what happens when God is one of us. Or a monkey…

And here’s another angle. We told you that there were a lot of people filming this…

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