NYC Police Shootings: Did the Killer Post His Rampage on Instagram?

New York City is in turmoil right now after the shooting of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn. Both of them were sitting in their patrol car before being ambushed by a single shooter. The strangest twist to this tragedy is that the gunman–who reportedly committed suicide shortly after the shootings–is said to have chronicled his rampage on Instagram under the handle @dontrunup.

We were on the site when the Instagram page was shut down, which makes all of this more believable. The above Instagram post was posted prior to the shooting, and the post below might have been part of the aftermath of the earlier shooting of the gunman’s girlfriend (see UPDATE below). The shoe seems to match a picture of the gunman’s body as his corpse was removed from a subway station. As you can also see, outraged citizens were able to comment on the posts before Instagram closed the account. We keep hoping for good news about the gunman’s victims as this story continues to unfold.
[UPDATE: Saddened to report that both officers have died–gunman now identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, and confirmed as owner of the @dontrunup Instagram account. Also reported to have earlier shot his girlfriend in Baltimore. She’s expected to survive. Gallery of the shooter added below…]

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