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‘Taken 3’ Trailer: Christmas Edition Will Warm Your Heart & Break Your Arms [VIDEO]


Taken 3 Christmas Trailer

There’s a new Taken 3 trailer, and it seems that we’re taking the movie a lot more seriously than the movie studio. We know that the movie is coming out on January 9th, but this “12 Days of Christmas” parody still seems kind of lighthearted. One of the things that was so great about the original Taken was its retro take on ’80s action. This trailer is more like something that we’d expect from The Expendables V.

Or maybe we’re just too damn geeky to have a good time. To be fair, we kind of goofed on the first official Taken 3 trailer, too. Take a look for yourself, and be grateful that some fan didn’t think to make their own version first. The graphics on this one are a lot better…

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