'The Interview' Backlash: James Franco & Seth Rogen Start Bailing on Talk Shows Today [VIDEO]

Were you looking forward to seeing James Franco guesting on Kelly & Michael this morning to promote The Interview? Not gonna happen. Kelly & Michael just became the first talk show to lose a guest over Seth Rogen and James Franco canceling all of their promotion for the troubled comedy. Fortunately, Kelly & Michael were able to grab reality television star NeNe Leakes as a backup guest. That’s pretty much the most useful thing that you can expect for a reality television star.
We’ll still be pretty pissed if NeNe gets the lead guest slot today. Qucenzhane Wallis was originally the second guest after Franco, and the cute Annie star should definitely be moved to the start of the show. You’ll be able to tell how desperate things got for the Kelly & Michael staff if NeNe is the first guest.
Meanwhile, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has brought in Paul McCartney to fill in for the planned duo of Rogen & Franco. We bet there was an elaborate comedy sketch that got scuttled over that. We’re thinking that Paul McCartney will be able to kill some time, though. Seth Myers has done okay over at Late Night, too. They had to cover for Seth Rogen as Thursday’s lead guest, but Christoph Waltz isn’t a bad replacement.
From there, it’s no big deal on the talk-show circuit. Nearly all of the major talkers are taking next week off for a Christmas break. Anyway, it’s all an entertaining twist on the usual promotional crap at Christmastime. And it was a nice final win for The Colbert Report, as the retiring talk show got the last Seth Rogen interview before Sony pulled all the promotion over threatened terrorist acts against The Interview. We think this just became a historical document…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5aTy2fmlx4]

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