WATCH: ‘Star Wars’ Stormtroopers Stranded On Road — Get No Help, Damnit [VIDEO]

Star Wars Dashcam Crashed TIE Fighter

So this guy drove right past some Star Wars Stormtroopers stranded by the road in a busted TIE fighter and didn’t even stop to help–which originally got us all upset, because we were thinking this was going to be some lucky motorist who stumbled upon a film shoot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You know that we’d pull over to get some quick video of that.

Instead, it turns out that this is just a fun gag from some people showing off their special effects skills. That’s a reasonable assumption, at least. There’s a Lucasfilm trademark at the bottom, so this might even be an official gag. In any case, it’s the best dashcam footage that you’ll see today, unless something really amazing comes out of Russia…

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