Fake Ghostface Killah Releases Another Real Fun List of Soft Rappers

It’s that special time of the year when the WordOnDaStreet site hosts Ghostface Killah’s 3rd Annual Top 10 Softest Rappers in the Game List. It’s probably the most honest hip-hop criticism that you’ll see all year long. Sadly, we’re not talking about the real Ghostface Killah here. Instead, it’s just a wiseguy using a Ghostface Killah persona to provide a really hard look at the biggest disappointments in rap.  [photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty]
We can’t even blame the guy for keeping himself anonymous while working Ghostface Killah’s very unique style. To be fair, it doesn’t take much internet sleuthing to find who’s responsible for this yearly tantrum against rap’s weakest talents. We still want to protect this brutally honest voice. Here’s the Fake Ghostface Killah’s take on Kanye–and Jimmy Kimmel sure won’t lay this kind of dense smackdown on Yeezus…
Now I got nothin but love for the nigga Yeezy nahmean. I jus wanna make that sh!t very clear yo. Son is a genius n he a muthaf#ckin animal when he get in the studio namsayin. That nigga will bite the head off a dove when he in the booth son. Son aint really the most lyrical nigga on earth like that…but he got a lot of heart n charisma namsayin. Nevermind what that nigga do when he behind the boards son….I aint even gotta tell you he gets busy g. I love this niggas music son. BUT this muthaf#cka done put on womens garments one too many times to not get called out for it son. This niggas drivin his gender mobile in the middle of the freeway wit no regards for which way the traffic is goin AT ALL b. This nigga aint jus gon be rockin the entire Chanel spring collection n not catch no flack for that sh!t nahmean. The nigga dont only throw on a couple questionable accessories here n there tho…he actually dresses straight up in sh!t that was designed for broads like he jus dont give a f#ck namsayin. I cant condone that sh!t son. I been known to rock some elegant sh!t from time to time too son but this nigga done put the flame back in flamboyant yo. That sh!t aint even unisex my nigga. Cmon son. Crossdressin aint fly son. F#ck is you doin Ye?
Yeah, check out the whole thing. You won’t get too many points for guessing the main targets of the Fake Ghostface Killah, but it’s still a great read. And if we were the real Ghostface Killah, we’d read this thing into a mic and sell it on iTunes, because the Fake Ghostface Killah wouldn’t dare sue for his cut. No charge for that idea, Ghostface.

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