Everything You Need To Know About Picklebacks For "National Pickle Day"

In my opinionated opinion, pickleback shots are the best and most delicious tasting shot you can drink at a bar, so I’m going to provide you with a brief history of picklebacks in recognition of “National Pickle Day.”

What is a pickleback?

A pickleback is a shot of whisky and shot of pickle juice. You drink the whisky first, then you drink the pickle brine. Believe it or not, the brine 100% makes the taste of whisky disappear–much like salt and a lime to tequila, but much more so. It’s magic.

If you watch the video below, you’ll learn that while experts go back and forth between which whisky is best (Old Crow or Jameson’s) everyone agrees the only pickle brine you should use is McClure’s. Do not use Vlasic unless in case of emergency. Do not use bread and butter pickles ever.

Where did the pickleback start?


In Brooklyn, of course, at the Bushwick Country Club*. Bartender Reggie Cunningham tells the story in the video above, but the long and short of it is that some trashy woman with a gold tooth from Florida demanded he make her one. After trying one for himself, he decided to make picklebacks a thing. Next to the founding of Twitter, it was the second-best creation of 2006.

*Picklebacks had been around before then, but never had the catchy name. In fact, Russians have been chasing vodka with pickles since the days of Ivan The Terrible.

What are variations of the pickleback?

We’re not saying that you’ll ever grow tired of picklebacks because that’d be blasphemy, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up. Here are some of the best variations to picklebacks

Moustache Ride – hot of Irish whiskey followed by a chilled combo of banana, cherry and jalapeño pepper pickle juice

Tennessee Hooker – Jack Daniels followed by pickle juice

Bareback – Irish whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice with sriracha or hot sauce

What are the health benefits of picklebacks?

Because pickle brine actually contains electrolytes and sodium, these will actually help prevent/cure hangovers. No shit. It should also help you with your performance at bar games (pool, beer pong, darts, etc.).

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