Tim & Eric Totino's Pizza Rolls Ad — Pizza Freaks Unite! [VIDEO]

We already have Adult Swim ruling today’s internet with the Too Many Cooks sitcom spoof, so let’s salute the empire’s Tim & Eric with their amazing Totino’s Pizza Rolls commercial. This mostly reminds us that the Too Many Cooks video sure looks like it came out of Tim & Eric’s production company. Also, we’re reminded that the world is pretty crazy nowadays.
That’s partly because Adult Swim has a major presence in the 18-34 demographic that’s coveted by advertisers. You’ll be seeing a lot more bizarre marketing geared towards the Totino’s Pizza crowd. And don’t go telling us that Totino’s Pizza Rolls are really for little kids, because that’s the kind of thinking that will leave you out of the cherished 18-34 demographic. Pizza Rolls are timeless.
Anyway, join in the Pizza Freaks Unite mayhem–and if you need more rockin’ pizza action, check out this Parry Gripp’s ode to the Pizza Bagel….
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAalGQ5LSpA]

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