Supercute Christmas Commercial Gets Penguin Laid — Prudes Offended [VIDEO]

The 2014 John Lewis Christmas commercial has been released–which is a big deal in England, since the pricey store has a holiday tradition of an annual ad that transcends marketing and becomes a vintage short film. This year’s commercial is typically great. It’s kind of a salute to a really amazing cartoon strip, but we don’t want to get too spoilerly. Let’s just say that it’s perfectly okay to get a little misty-eyed at the end.
Also, people are stupid, but we’ll discuss that after you check out this fine holiday sentimentality….
Wasn’t that touching? It’s a beautiful commercial. Nobody could possibly watch that without feeling happy and sentimental. Well, not unless you’re a professional victim who desperately needs something new to complain about as clickbait…

Yeah. There are idiots complaining that the Monty the Penguin commercial is sexist because Monty wants a girlfriend. Truthfully, you won’t even know that’s a femaleĀ penguin unless you’re shopping in the UK and see that Monty’s gal is named Mabel–but that would involve missing a chance to get all offended over a really sweet commercial.
Did we mention that people are stupid? If you really want something to be offended over, though, consider that the John Lewis store is selling Monty the Penguin and Mabel the Penguin plush dolls for about $150 in American currency. That’s damn offensive, and we guess it’s a drag that this beautiful commercial is really just commercialism–but it’s beautiful commercialism, man.

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