Watch As Astronauts Put Go Pro in Floating Ball of Water For Science [VIDEO]

Space Shuttle astronauts put a GoPro camera into a floating ball of water, and you can file that under Weird Science–or maybe just Really Cool Science. This is also proof that astronauts had more fun last summer than we did.
Yes, it was way back in the summer of 2014 when NASA astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman hooked up with European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst for some fun in space. They began by fooling around with the idea of water tension in zero gravity (well, technically microgravity) and created a floating ball of water. Then they showed the keen scientific intuition of a COED editor by saying, “Dude, let’s put a GoPro into that thing!”
The video doesn’t show which astronaut said that. Anyway, this video covers both the process of making the floating water ball and the resultant GoPro footage. Our scientific conclusion is that all the video is wicked awesome and we’d totally like to become astronauts now. We can’t believe that we ever wanted to be firemen. This looks like a lot more fun than running into a burning building…

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