Katy Perry Turns 30 Years Old — Kiss a Girl for Her Birthday [GIFS]

 Happy birthday, Katy Perry. As hard as it is to think of modern pop’s most sophisticated princess turning 30, it’s even more amazing to consider that she first broke big with “I Kissed a Girl” way back in 2008. Some of us were still too naïve at the time to fully grasp that chicks kissing chicks was even possible, let along the greatest thing human eyes can witness. For that (sex) education alone, an entire generation owes Katy gratitude for making it a treat for the ears, too.  [photo: Jason Merritt/Getty]
Alas, though, Katy Perry has given us so much more. By way of her nonstop #1 singles–plus innovative music videos and live performances that charm audience members of every age–Katy Perry has relentlessly entertained, invigorated, and energized humanity above and beyond all other comers for her pop queen throne.
Taylor Swift seems like a stiff. Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens come off as too entirely calculated. Pink makes it clear that wrong look would prompt her to put out a Marlboro on your forehead. Only Katy Perry exudes warmth, good humor, and humanity through every song and every move—so much so that she can do anything, including football prognosticating.
Katy Perry married Russell Brand and we still love her. She scolded young Top 40 up-and-comers for using their bodies to grab attention (yes, exactly like she did), and we still love her. She’s made it believably clear that no scandalous photos of her exist anywhere for hackers to leak online, and we still love her.
And, yeah, she’s plenty hot, too. That’s why we’ve celebrated Katy’s cleavage and Katy kissing a girl named Miley Cyrus–but here are some GIFs as a birthday treat. Still, remember we’re really celebrating Katy’s artistry today…

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