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Katy Perry Cleavage Is Back: Celebrate With 96 Naughty Pics [PHOTOS]


The more we hear about Katy Perry getting serious (again) with John Mayer, the more we notice that Katy Perry has been looking a little demure on the red carpet. Oh, we know that Katy is still plenty sexy. She’s already had an amazing 2014, too, courtesy of already knocking out a #1 song in a streak that’s made her one of the decade’s biggest artists. But we’re pretty serious when it comes to covering Katy, and we know when she’s going through a demure period.

But now there’s great news out of London, since Katy Perry busted out last night to attend the ELLE Style Awards–which, of course, are presented by the UK version of ELLE magazine. We’re hoping that we’re looking at the future of Katy as she matures into possible wifey material.  Yes, we know that she’s been married, but we’re pretty sure that Russell Brand was looking for something different in a wife.

John Mayer seems a little more settled himself–and we’re very interested in Katy’s fashion choice for the Elle Awards. We think of it as part of the June Cleavage collection. See, that’d be really funny if you knew about this old television series called Leave It To Beaver from the ’50s, which was a wholesome suburban sitcom with a classic television mother who might also dress up in a floral design like Katy Perry is sporting in these pics.

Without the plunging neckline, of course. Everybody knows that nobody in America never had sex in the 1950s. It’s baffling that any of us are even around. All we’re really trying to say here is that Katy Perry dressed up in a nicely retro outfit that still proves that she’s willing to flaunt one of the healthiest bods in the pop-music industry.

So let’s salute the return of Katy Perry’s naughty knockers with 96 pics that’ll elicit 96 tears of joy. That’s another old pop culture reference. We got a million of ’em, but you have plenty more reasons to check out Katy right now…

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