Greatest Movie Deaths Of All Time SuperCut Brings The Pain [VIDEO]

How many movie death scenes can you fit into one video? If you’re promoting the upcoming ABCs of Death 2, then you can cram in one death for each director–and since a different director shoots each bloody segment (like “S is for ‘Split'”), that’s a lot of directors showing their favorite death scenes from other movies.
We’re expecting that ABCs of Death 2 will be the same mix of quality that we got with ABCs of Death. That’s kind of a safe assumption when you have 30 different directors on a movie. Check out this supercut, though, and you’ll be pretty impressed with the range of favorite death scenes. Some of them are tranquil. Some of them are touching. Some of them are very unexpected. And nearly all of them are really gory, so consider this NSFW–unless you’re a COED staffer, in which case you’re probably eating a big bowl of Spaghetti-Os while watching the blood splatter.
Also, not all of the movies are identified. The video makes for a good round of trivia, though. We were able to identify every film except for one–and judging from the scene, it’s a movie that we’ll never want to see. You’ll want to see this extremely NSFW extreme supercut, though…
[vimeo 109855603 w=500 h=281]

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