Jimmy Johnson Takes On Bud Light Drinker Who's Up For Whatever [VIDEO]

We’re really happy to see that Bud Light didn’t wrap up the #UpForWhatever campaign with the spectacle of Whatever, USA–because now we keep getting surreal moments like this regular football fan who ends up going against legendary coach Jimmy Johnson in an epic game of NFL Electric Football.
Actually, it looks like a customized version of an official NFL Electric Football set from Tudor Games. In fact, the entire place is a customized bar, with the NFL Electric Football game hidden under a table, and the place also comes complete with Bud Light cheerleaders and some play-by-play announcers. You kind of have to be up for whatever if you’re going to wander into a place like that. The guy’s pal seems to have really set him up for this epic night, though.
It’s a better time than we had last night, but maybe that’s because we weren’t up for whatever late enough. Also, can anybody figure out what Jimmy’s shouting at the end of the spot? Man, that guy’s competitive…
asdasdasd[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVP8lQX4R3o]

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