Meet The Wild Residents Of Bud Light's Whatever USA [VIDEO]

Whatever, USA Lead

The world is still trying to recover from the international impact of Bud Light’s Whatever, USA–where the city of Crested Butte, Colorado was transformed into an epic party town for one wild weekend. But what kind of people made up the population of Whatever, USA? Well, we noticed that it was the kind of people who like to drink a lot of Bud Light. We noticed a lot of Bud Light in Whatever.
But we wanted to judge the people of Whatever by more than just their good taste in beer. That’s why we went to the video and got documentation on the wild types who were up for whatever when the call came. We also talked to some of the good people of Crested Butte, who were sure up for whatever the Mayor of Whatever had planned for their small town.
What we got was just the kind of random encounters that you’d expect from the people of Whatever–which really was a town full of people who’d take off to Colorado after checking their email at 1 am and getting asked, “Are you up for whatever?” Or maybe it was, “Are you up for Whatever?” Whatever. They’re all people that you’ll want to know in this video…

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