COED Discovers The Unfiltered Life with Shocktop In Belize [VIDEO]

We go on a lot of adventures here at COED, but we’ve never had a wild ride like the whirlwind trip to San Ignacio, Belize a few days ago–all to #DiscoverUnfiltered living courtesy of Shock Top beer. That’s the Belgian-style beer that gives you a natural beer taste by skipping the final filtering process that you get from most beers. Shock Top is cloudy in appearance and very full in flavor.

You might even say it’s as full as the action-packed day that awaited us in San Ignacio after the long flight out to the Cahal Pech Village resort. That’s one nice looking resort, but we couldn’t resort to resting there. Shock Top was quick to spirit us away through the surrounding jungle via ATVs, before we did some zip-lining over some wilder terrain. That was all to get us out to the Nohoch Che’en Caves, where we beat the jungle heat by going cave tubing and checking out some otherwordly sights.

Things were pretty amazing back on Earth, too, as Shock Top shook up the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins with a wild party. Those ruins weren’t new to partying, either. The traditional traditional Mayan dancers–including some fire dancers–were backed by a 15-piece steel drum group playing pop hits with a Caribbean twist.

That was accompanied by a whole hog roasted to perfection. Hey, it turns out that Shock Top beer goes really well with roasted hog–and the people of Belize got along really well their guests from all over. There are only four highways in the entire country, and there aren’t many people with cars. The people of Belize are used to starting up conversations on buses. And while a lot of the native speak the African English dialect of Kriol, we were also visiting the only Central American country where English was the official language.

There was a lot to talk about, too. Our tour guides seem to get a better deal on American cable television than we can back in the States. It turns out that Belize loves American culture, along with college football. The NCAA needs to get a Belize Bowl going. Check out the video and pics below, and you’ll see why plenty of American fans would love making the trip–especially with Shock Top as the official beer…


How we roll in Belize

This is the banana stand that we’re going to own when we retire to Belize

Belizean advertising for Cave Tubing–which looks cool, but the adventure is better

Roasted Whole Hog– it’s what’s for dinner

A traditional Mayan dancer rocking the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins

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