Veteran Throws First Pitch Like Grenade at MLB Playoff Game [VIDEO]

army vet grenade-style first pitch

Every person who throws out a first pitch at a baseball game has their own way of doing it. Army veteran Brian Kenton had his own unique take on it Saturday before Game 2 of the National League Divisional Series between the Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants. Kenton got on his stomach and crawled before lobbing the ball towards home plate like it was a grenade.

Kenton was wounded in a bomb explosion according to the Nationals and the Associated Press and spent 3½ years at Walter Reed Medical Center. Keaton is now retired and spent that time in the hospital recovering from a number of disorders resulting from his time overseas and the bomb explosion. A first pitch like a grenade though is very clever.

There is the famous incident with the minor league manager who used a rosin bag as a grenade before during an argument with an umpire. This one though was much better being an actual military member. Keaton didn’t get to see the Nationals win that day, but he’ll be replaying the moment in his mind over and over again. We can sure watch it again and again…


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