Jameis Winston Is Missing Clemson Game, And Their Cheerleaders [PICS]


We know that the Clemson University Fighting Tigers would have a chance to beat the Florida State Seminoles even if Jameis Winston was still on the team, but that has to make life a little easier for the Clemson defense–even though the Clemson fans will miss the chance to taunt the suspended Jameis over joining the ranks of guys who’ve been compelled to shout out “F*ck her right in the pu**y!” in public.
And we’d guess that Jameis doesn’t really care much about a single-game suspension, except that now now Jameis is missing out on seeing the Clemson cheerleaders. Actually, that might be for the best. Jameis mostly deserves his suspension for bringing that kind of dishonor onto the Fighting Tigers when his own team has a squad of sexy students who deserve utmost respect. And you can check out these pics and see the Clemson cheerleaders are some of the most upstanding gals that we’ve ever seen.
So let’s celebrate these ladies, and maybe then check out the other hot cheerleaders of this NCAA weekend. Let’s also be grateful that Clemson has quit asking cheerleaders about their sex lives. Those gals aren’t nearly as vulgar as Jameis…

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