Jameis Winston Blurted Out “F*ck Her Right in the Pu**y” on Campus

jameis winston

Florida State’s Jameis Winston may be in some trouble with his team and the law but he’s clearly not letting it dampen his spirits. Several students spotted the baseball and football all-star standing on campus screaming the immortal phrase “F*ck her right in the pu**y.”

Deadspin reported that several Florida State University students heard the famous phrase being shouted from someone on campus who climbed on top of a table in the middle of the student union and started screaming it at the top of their lungs. It wasn’t until sometime later that they realized the person screaming the phrase was in fact Winston. For many of the students, it was their first encounter with the big man on campus and you know what they say about first impressions. The Tweets didn’t say how the crowd of witnesses around Winston reacted to his declaration but we’re sure it was a mixture of bemused laughter and bro-cheers since it seems to have become the phrase of the day thanks to all the people who’ve made it popular on the Internet. Who knew that one drunk guy who pushed his way onto his local evening news could make such a huge impact on society?

We’ve got to give it to Winston to do something that takes such balls. We don’t know if his friends bet him to do it or he just decided he needed an extra ounce of attention. Hell, if we were that popular, we wouldn’t dare mess with such a high level of credibility on campus.

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