Here Are The Sex Questions Clemson Won't Ask Students Now

Clemson University has moved quickly to get rid of an embarrassing scandal, after the folks at Campus Reform revealed that the college requires students to fill out a questionnaire as what’s supposedly an online Title IX training course. [photo via…]
Title IX, of course, was passed as law to be be a prohibition on sex discrimination in public education and federally assisted programs–but we’re thinking that there could be some kind of sexual harassment when a university is forcing students to discuss their recent sexual history and number of sexual partners.
Check out these screen caps that Campus Reform put together, and get an idea of how much trouble your average fraternity brother would get into asking these kinds of questions on campus. We can’t even say that the thing begins innocently enough. Check out what’s considered to be an introductory conversation…

Man, how dare they ask those questions? Especially because the answers might not be very flattering if you’re a COED staffer who’s really too busy to get around to dating lately, you know? But then the form goes on to ask more innocent questions–or so it seems, until you get to the last question, and sex once again rears its ugly head…

Also, what kind of alkie are you, anyway?

And in typically leering fashion, even the chance to brag about the amount of alcohol you consumed last month gets steered back to sex, because it’s all these people can think about

And then the conversation goes on to Rape Culture. We’ll skip the snide setup, and just invite you to ponder this sample question to see if you’re some kind of caveman or something….

Also, this question kind of terrifies us, because it isn’t multiple choice, and the survey’s notion of being non-judgmental involves students not being allowed to make any judgments at all…

Although at least the survey ends on a fairly reasonable note–or it could be a reasonable note, except that we think this survey is built around the notion that a guy (let’s be honest, this is about guys) can’t be allowed to do anything to get to “No” or even “Yes”–unless he’s prepared to hand a girl over a form in triplicate that’ll also be initialed by an administrator who’ll stay in the room…

Anyway, Clemson has officially dropped the survey, which is a  big win for Campus Reform, and for students who are offended at being forced to give up private sexual information by educators who shouldn’t be making them feel uncomfortable. Now we’re waiting to learn more during this school year about things that are even worse. We’re pretty sure there are worse things, even if things have gotten better for the students of Clemson.

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