College Football 2014 Week 4 Preview: Cheerleader Edition

The fact that we’re already in Week 4 of the college football season is crazier than Famous Jameis standing on top of a table in the middle of campus and screaming “F*ck her right in the p*ssy!” Neither of these truths make any sense.

Once again, we’ve got a lot great games on the schedule so let’s get to it.

The must-watch game of the week is FSU vs Clemson, two schools who have been repping for the ACC back when it was an SEC world (we still think it is…). The second biggest game is probably the Florida vs. Alabama game, not because we’re thinking the Gators will upset the Crimson Tide, but because everyone* is talking about the first edition of “Sorority Tumblr Battles.”

Now without further ado, the 14 biggest college football games–presented with cheerleaders. You’ll need their energy to get through all these games.


(5) Auburn at (20) Kansas State

(7:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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Eastern Michigan at (11) Michigan State

(12:00 PM EST | Big Ten Network)

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Troy at (13) Georgia

(12:00 PM EST | SEC Network)

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Bowling Green at (19) Wisconsin

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN 2)

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Florida at (3) Alabama

(3:30 PM EST | CBS)

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Texas A&M at SMU

(3:30 PM EST | ABC/ESPN 2)

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Virginia at (21) BYU

(3:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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Indiana at (18) Missouri

(4:00 PM EST | SEC Network)

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Mississippi State at (8) LSU

(7:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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(4) Oklahoma at WVU

(7:30 PM EST | FOX)

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(14) South Carolina at Vanderbilt

(7:30 PM EST | SEC Network)

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(22) Clemson at (1) Florida State University

(8:00 PM EST | ABC)

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Miami (FL) at (24) Nebraska

(8:00 PM EST | ESPN 2)

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(2) Oregon at Washington State

(10:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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Sorority Tumblr Battle #1: Florida vs. Alabama [PHOTOS]
Sorority Tumblr Battle #1: Florida vs. Alabama [PHOTOS]
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