“Destiny” Video Game Turns Out To Be A Tool Of The Illuminati [VIDEO]

Destiny Video Game Conspiracy Theories

Are you wondering how a video game like Destiny managed to get made with a budget of $500 million? We thought the figure was exaggerated, but the video below makes Destiny‘s budget seem very believable. That’s not because the video shows off Destiny‘s amazing graphics. Instead, it patiently explains how Destiny is really just another tool of the global agents known as the Illuminati.

Yeah, we’re surprised, too–mostly because we always thought the Illuminati was really just a cool idea from a sci-fi novel. Little did we know that the Illuminati (while working with the secret society of the Freemasons) was really using Destiny as part of their plan to control the world. This video patiently explains all of the links, and also ties in Destiny to the Transformers: Age of Extinction.

From there, it’s perfectly obvious how this all leads back to the King James Bible. So wake up and start realizing that we’re all just pawns in the Illuminati’s bizarre plans to control the world through really bitchin’ video games. Get the whole truth about Destiny below–and, you know, let’s not forget that we are getting a $500 million video game out of this, so that’s cool.

And if this video is really made by the Destiny folks–well, congrats on some great viral marketing….

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