Wayward Nation Crew Goes Very Wayward While Fighting Cancer [VIDEO]

Wayward Nation

Lots of guys dream of hitting the open road, but Mikey McManus and Ethan Amarant (along with their crew) are doing it for real on Ora.tv’s series Wayward Nation. Mikey and Ethan have a focus to their wayward mission, too. They’re seeking out people who are doing pretty awesome things in new and daring ways. That includes Yael Cohen and her F*ck Cancer organization–which works a lot better than the Wayward Nation RV, which can’t even get the guys to Vegas.

While the RV goes in for repairs, Mikey and Ethan meet up with Yael and get inspired to do things. One is fighting cancer. The other–in the case of Ethan–is to propose marriage to Yael, who’s a good enough sport to wage her personal life on who can raise the most money for F*ck Cancer. Everyone has their own motivations (including Mikey, who’d be freed from Ethan), and the fundraising begins with all parties taking on assorted Las Vegas dares for $20 a pop.

Watch how things play out as goofy antics meet social responsibility, along with higher stakes than you’d get in any other reality television show. Check out the video below, and expect to get addicted to Wayward Nations regular installments of life on one wild (and meaningful) road…

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