President Samuel L. Jackson Falls Down A Mountain in "Big Game" [VIDEO]

We’re in the midst of the Toronto Film Festival, and it’s always fun to see what kind of weirdness shows up as part of their “Midnight Madness” series–but we weren’t ready for an action film about President Samuel L. Jackson getting pursued in the forests of Finland by terrorists before teaming up with a resourceful 13-year-old who’s hiking around on a vision quest.
That’s the plot of Big Game, and we’re pretty sure that it’s supposed to be an Archer-style comedy. If that’s the case, then we’re really impressed by how straight this clip from the movie plays things. If Big Game is supposed to be a straight action film, then we’re really impressed by how someone’s come up with a movie that ranks with the 19 Most Insane Films of the ’90s. Check it out and just kind of marvel at the whole thing. We can’t think of what else to say about this baffling scene…

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