Damn, Slender Man, You Scary In PS3's "Slender: The Arrival" [VIDEO]

The Slender Man is one of the most terrifying concepts to come out of the Internet since Gene Simmons’ sex tape made its way to the web. Now he’s finally creeped on to the consoles to horrify a whole new generation of gamers.
The terrifying first person video game Slender: The Arrival will get a release on Sony’s PlayStation 3. This horror game isn’t like the typical, scary first person shooter because there really is no shooting to speak of or even a way to defend yourself. The only thing you’ll carry through the entire game is a flashlight that helps you see down darkened corridors and hallways as you find clues to unlock the game’s central mystery before the Slender Man finds you.
Players are investigating the mysterious and disappearance of a friend that turns out to have been caused by the deadly, long-armed, faceless specter of death. You’ll retrace your friend’s steps to unlock the Slender Man’s horrifying secrets and eventually, you’ll come to face to face with him unless you can outrun him in time.
Playing a game where your only weapon is a flashlight may not sound like a lot of fun but the brooding and isolating mood that the game puts off make it terrifying and enthralling to play all at the same time. Sony released a trailer for their port of Slender: The Arrival. Check it out below in the embedded video…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvYvn_ciK94&w=600&h=338]
Of course, the game’s release seems to be oddly timed since this is the week that the victim of the real world Slender Man stabbing went back to school for the first time. We’re glad that’s she back and doing OK but at least Sony isn’t letting a couple of rotten eggs ruin gaming for the rest of us.

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