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Is It Wrong To Enjoy John McEnroe Getting Waterboarded? [MUSIC VIDEO]


John McEnroe Waterboarding Future User Video

John McEnroe gets waterboarded in a controversial new video from the band Future User–and we’re usually skeptical about “controversial” music videos sent out to us from publicists, because publicists don’t really publicize controversial things. Still, we think there’ll be some debate over how much fun it is to watch John McEnroe get seriously waterboarded for the purpose of helping a band sell their surprisingly mellow brand of electronic pop.

For one thing, it’s hard to get too wound up over a form of torture that a tennis pro is willing to endure for the purposes of a music video. In case you’re wondering, though, the press release from Future User assures us that McEnroe (having been abducted for making an obscene gesture on the tennis court) “was immobilized, had a towel placed over his nose and mouth and then had water poured over his breathing passages to induce a drowning sensation.The steps were repeated approximately a half-dozen times over the course of a 90-minute shoot.”

Okay. Pretty cool. Also, the musicians of Future User are hoping to tie this into the militarization of the police, because that’s a hip topic, but they sure don’t know much about the politics behind that movement. That’s okay. We don’t expect much from mellow electronic pop bands. Thanks for the video, though–but they should’ve shot for more than 90 minutes…

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