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“Madden 15” Video Game Glitch Shrinks Player Down To 14 Inches [VIDEO]


Christian Kirksey Madden 15

Part of the fun of anticipating every new Madden NFL game is looking for the glitches–and Madden 15 has given us one that’ll cross over into sports history. In short, Madden 15 proudly proclaims that Cleveland Browns’ linebacker Christian Kirksey is 1’2″. As in 1 foot, 2 inches tall.

This is not true. Christian Kirksey is actually 6’2″. Also, he plays for the Cleveland Browns, although the game has him as part of the Tennessee Titans. Thanks to that first glitch, though, Kirksey is now the most popular player in the Madden NFL league. Everyone wants Kirksey on their roster, just so they can post pics like the above, and the video below…

Hopefully, Kirksey is getting a small laugh out of this. The Madden series has always been known for its realism, and this year’s game has been looked at the most realistic of all of them–except for the idea of the 1’2″ player, which is both unrealistic and impractical. The good news is that Kirksey doesn’t mind, and he’s using this as a chance to spread an inspirational message…

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