The Action Movie Kid is Back and This Time, It's Personal [VIDEO]

The world’s greatest pint-sized movie action star is back with another stream of hilarious and adventurous videos to delight and entertain even the biggest child.
The Action Movie Kid has returned wit h another series of videos that show what happens when the imagination of a small child and the special effects budget of a major motion picture studio collide in a YouTube video. Last time we saw him, the kid was pretending the living room was filled with lava and building working weapons with his LEGOs. This time, his old man caught him doing some cool stuff that we could only imagine when we were little like playing with a Portal gun without proper supervision, playing “Hide and Seek” with a heat seeking camera, throwing a football hard enough to defy the laws of gravity and playing with a sidearm blaster and (of course) a lightsaber.
This guy is really making us wish it was legal for a father to adopt a technically-grown man who still technically has loving parents. Check out the Action Movie Kid’s latest adventures below in the embedded video…
The father who makes these videos works for Dreamworks Studios in their special effects department and he’s clearly a talented guy. He’s done more than just give us something to distract our time. He’s found a way to make parents’ home movies of their children actually interesting. The only downside is that we have one less excuse to drink when our friends force us to sit down and watch their kids’ home movies.

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