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Best Ice Bucket Challenge: Verne Troyer Beats Out Anna Wintour [VIDEO]


Verne Troyer ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

For most of today, the ALS Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge seemed to be won by Vogue editor Anna Wintour–mostly because the famously aloof editor didn’t seem the type to dump water on herself, no matter how many fashion models challenged her. We would be less resistant.

Anyway, we’re very excited to announce that Anna Wintour has been upstaged at the end of the day by Verne Troyer, who used his Reddit clout to create an instant viral video. We’re not even sure if anyone’s challenged Verne to dump some water on himself. We just know that he made great use of California’s drought to come up with a great gag delivered like a real boss. Also, he seems to have still gone with something that’s genuinely cold. We would’ve cheated…

And this is the video that Verne had to beat out–although we’re sure that this video is a lot more popular in the Hamptons and other upscale places. We will give credit to Vogue editor Anna Wintour for seemingly going with actual ice water. It sure seems cold. As cold as Anna Wintour’s look to a secretary who forgets to bow down properly on a Monday morning. Yeah, we’re not fooled here…

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