Women's UNM Soccer Team Under Fire For Hazing/Peeing

Once again, the bizarre head of hazing allegations are looming over another college sports program. This time, it s the University of New Mexico’s women’s soccer team.

A member of the team filed a complaint regarding a bizarre hazing ritual in which new recruits were forced to strip, chug alcohol and (here comes the bizarre part) get sprayed with urine. The incident happened last weekend and the school hired a team of investigators to look into the team practice to ensure that no school code violations were committed or to see if any laws were broken. A spokesperson for the school’s athletic department declined to comment on the matter “without the facts.”

The only “facts” we know for sure is that all of the accused members were part of UNM’s Women’s Soccer team and they allegedly conducted this bizarre initiation last Sunday. The complaint came after campus police responded to a 911 call at a dorm room last Sunday where they found one of the new recruits “extremely intoxicated and having trouble breathing.” They also found a second intoxicated 18-year-old player but she did not require medical attention. She probably had a hell of a hangover though so the medical attention part didn’t come until the following morning.

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that these allegations are true. How exactly does spraying your fellow player with urine endear you to your fellow teammates? It’s not even something that hunters do and they carry dear urine by the vial with them almost everywhere they go. We’re not saying hazing can’t be fun but these instances keep popping up and bodily fluids seem to be some kind of disturbing trend.

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