The "Dead Island 2" Trailer Looks Like Gory Good Fun [VIDEO]

Another Dead Island game is coming out for the next generation of consoles–and this virtual undead massacre looks to be one of the bloodiest ones yet.
Dead Island 2 will take place on the “island” state of California where once again, a zombie virus has infected the populace and only a few survivors are left who must fight their way to freedom with an assortment of sharp objects and bullet spitters. This time, they seem to have taken on a much goofier tone from the extremely sad and downright depressing realities of a zombie breakout on a small tropical island from the first game. It’s a good direction for such a game because we really haven’t had a silly zombie killing game since Left 4 Dead 2 because Valve seems to be taking their sweet time trying to get the next game done as well as Half-Life 3.
The difference between the Dead Island games and all the other zombie games is their ability to let the player customize weapons and pair them up with melee and shooters in the same attack. So you can bludgeon a zombie with a heavy object and blow their head off all in one fell swoop. Add that to a game that seems naturally funny in a lush environment like California on the next-fen consoles and we’ve got a potential winner on our hands. Check out the new trailer below…
Of course, this is just from their beta test footage but if it’s as good looking as the trailer as it is in the final product, then we’ve got something really sick to look forward to and we actually mean “sick” in both senses of the word.

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