CM Punk Makes His Triumphant Return to "WWE 2K15"

CM Punk may have disappeared from the WWE’s roster of wrestlers but he’ll be back in the new WWE 2K15 wrestling video game.
Polygon broke that the news that the retired championship wrestler will be part of 2K Sports’ upcoming wrestling game. Of course, having throwback characters in a top tier wrestling game isn’t news but CM Punk’s inclusion as a playable character in the game is an interesting addition. The wrestler seemed poised to become one of the league’s longest running and most famous names but he suddenly retired from the sport without a speech to the fans or even an announcement from WWE. CM Punk left the league in earlier this year on a down note in his career and with the management of the WWE. Some wrestling magazines and websites spoke with “sources behind the scenes” who said that CM Punk was having to endure a great deal of physical pain from his grueling match schedules that led to disagreements with managers and schedulers prompting his quiet retirement from the league. That, however, doesn’t seem to have stopped WWE from putting the retired wrestler in a throwback role in the new game as a playable contender.
Of course, we’re not complaining. Throwback characters have been part of almost every WWE game going back to the days of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. We’re glad that he’s back in some form, even if it’s just in a video game. It’s always nice to see an old favorite you thought would never come back.

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