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And the Next “The Late Late Show” Host Will Be…James Corden? [VIDEO]


james corden

There’s been a lot of speculation and false reports about the identity of the new host of CBS’ Late Late Show–and the latest name to come up (supposedly for realz) is actor and comedian James Corden.

The Wrap claimed in an “exclusive” report that CBS wants to replace the outgoing Craig Ferguson with Corden, a Tony awarding winning actor who has a role in the upcoming Meryl Streep movie Into the Woods. Ferguson announced back in April that he planned to step down as the host of The Late Late Show following Late Show host David Letterman’s retirement announcement.

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, you’re not alone. Corden is a big celebrity in Great Britain where he’s hosted several short lived chat shows and appeared as a regular on some of their longer running sitcoms such as Gavin & Stacey. He would make for a good choice if some clips of his talk show work are any indication of his hosting abilities. He’s quite bubbly, charming and actually pretty damn funny. Here’s a good one we found of Corden playing a game called “Send to All” with British comedian and talk show host Michael McIntyre. Some of the language in this video might be NSFW…

Of course, all we can do is assume that Corden is the host because we’ve danced through this song before when it comes to an “exclusive” bit of news about The Late Late Show. First, everyone was sure that Chelsea Handler would take over and no one believed her when she herself said she wouldn’t take the job. Then, everyone thought Joel McHale would be next in line after NBC cancelled Community. At this point, we’ll only believe it when we see Corden sitting behind a desk at 11:30 p.m. on our television.

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