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David Letterman Looks Set To Retire Next Year, Reveals REM Bassist



Longtime Late Night host David Letterman has announced that he has plans to retire in 2015. The host delivered the information during a taping of the show today–and the information was leaked by REM bass player Mike Mills. Yeah. He’s been playing bass for a while with singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur, who’s guesting on the Late Show tonight. This is what Mills posted a few hours ago…

David Letterman Twitter

Nice going, Mike. But we should also consider that Mike Mills goes way back with Letterman. REM did plenty of guest stints on Letterman’s show(s). He had as much right to leak the big news as anybody. Here’s an article with more speculation from a trade magazine that doesn’t know that Mike Mills used to be a member of REM.

Now let’s start speculating on who’ll replace Letterman. We’d say Jon Stewart, but that would probably mean a pay cut for the Daily Show host at this point. Hey, we hear Chelsea Handler is available. Anyway, let’s check out the NEWLY UPDATED video of Letterman’s announcement…

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