How To Start Your Day Without Using Hands To Put On Your Pants [VIDEO]

It’s Monday, and you started your day by putting on your pants one leg at a time like everybody else–except this young man who can put on his pants without using his hands. This is the kind of thing that gets us worrying that today’s kids just aren’t going to be able to compete with China in the future.
And what kind of futuristic pants are those, anyway? We’d be worried that the Chinese military has developed the next wave of yoga pants, except this guy doesn’t really seem like the military type. Not that we’re being judgmental. We’re not even going to speculate on what kind of underwear the guy is wearing. Also, we don’t really want to start our week by speculating about a guy’s underwear. You should still check out this video, and marvel at what goes viral nowadays before us Yanks even get going with it. And don’t try this at home, because we’re pretty sure that it’ll make you late for work…

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