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Shia LaBeouf Times Square Meltdown: The 10 Funniest Tweets



Shia LeBeouf Times Square Video Still Twitter

Hollywood’s current reigning King of Crazy–that being Shia LaBeouf–defended his title by getting booted out of a Broadway play for being an obnoxious jerk. Twitter responded accordingly and the results are hilarious.

The former Transformers star failed in his bid to stay retired from public life when he was arrested for causing a disturbance during a performance of Cabaret. The theater tried to throw him for smoking a cigarette during the show but he became belligerent with the theater ushers and caused a scene in the middle of the production. A member of the cast even posted a message on his Facebook that it was safe for the audience to return to their seats because LaBeouf had been thrown out of the theater.

His little tirade didn’t stop when the cops showed up either. He not only cursed out the officers who arrested him and called them some very bad names but he also spit on them. The spitting got so bad that one of the officers had to put a Hannibal Lecter-esque face mask on him. It gets even worse. Following reports of his arrest, another story surfaced that LaBeouf got in an argument with a homeless man and chased him down the street before he entreated the theater. The argument was over a hat.

Amanda Bynes, the crazy ball is your court now.

News of the actor’s arrest and subsequent release became the top trending topic on Twitter. Here are some of our favorite Tweets about Hollywood’s current least favorite celebrity…

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