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Gary Oldman Took His Apology Tour To Jimmy Kimmel Last Night [VIDEO]


Gary Oldman Jimmy Kimmel Video

In the grand tradition of Jonah Hill, Gary Oldman managed to say some un-PC things just as he had a big summer movie about to hit the theaters. In the case of Oldman, of course, it’s been all about his recent comments in a Playboy interview where he complained about Hollywood going after people who say un-PC things. Gary Oldman–who’s one of the internet’s favorite figures–managed to make his point while saying things that could be seen as anti-Semitic.

And so now we had Gary Oldman on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to apologize some more, and he’s a fairly class act about it. Of course, Oldman has a long history with Jimmy Kimmel, so it’s nice that he was already booked onto the show. We’re not sure who made the call about Oldman wearing the kind of bowtie that was last seen on prom tuxedos from 1977, but we’ll figure it has some kind of meaning.

Anyway, check out the latest celebrity apology tour, and rest assured that Oldman doesn’t get nearly as groveling as Jimmy Kimmel had to be with Kanye West

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