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Kanye West Has The Juice—-To Make Jimmy Kimmel Grovel [VIDEO]


Well, this was a low. Jimmy Kimmel had Kanye West on his show last night in the aftermath of their Twitter feud. We were thinking that maybe it would be a fun chance for Kanye West to goof on his own hypersensitivity, and Kimmel would be able to make fun of the whole thing, too. No. What we got was Kanye West considering the interview a wonderful opportunity to go on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and explain why the god-like rapper is above mockery and criticism–and is a true hero for lesser (or, as Kanye puts it, “normal”) celebrities.

Kimmel bowed down. He could barely bring himself to show a clip of the very funny skit that got Kanye’s wrath. That’s the one where Kimmel got a kid to recreate a really pompous interview that Kanye did overseas. It was just sad to see Kimmel ask, “Do you mind if we play it?” (We’d link to video of the skit, but it keeps getting pulled. Gee, we wonder why?)

It was even sadder when Kanye noted that he felt particularly betrayed because Kimmel had groveled to Kanye in the past to be a guest on his show. “I knew you before,” Kanye said, “and I remember you telling me after I saw you at this wedding, and you saying, ‘Hey, I want people to know this side of you,’ and things like this, ‘I saw this good guy who was at this wedding.'”

This whole thing is pretty much the ultimate in First World Celebrity Problems. Kimmel can’t even allow himself to throw out jokes as Kanye refers to himself as a “creative genius” and whines about celebrities being treated like a zoo animal. We’re not even sure that Kanye didn’t select the audience. People actually cheer when Kanye declares, “There’s no way that Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame.” Kimmel stays dutifully silent.

The closest that things get to an honest conversation is when Kimmel suggests that Kanye brings some things upon himself. Kanye agrees, but, you know, that’s only because Kanye is so special. Kimmel doesn’t argue. Anyway, here’s the first half of the interview. We’ll understand if you don’t click through to the second…

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