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“Game of Thrones” ’80s Theme Now Has ’80s Opening Credits [VIDEO]


Game Of Thrones '80s Credits

We’ve already checked out the amazing synth-rocking Game of Thrones theme song–and now the ’80s fever continues with a brilliant repackaging of Game of Thrones as an actual ’80 show. These new opening credits really capture the spirit of the decade.

Our only complaint is that this clip has the show airing on HBO. We enjoy seeing the old HBO logo, but Game of Thrones would’ve really been a syndicated show airing on Saturday afternoons back then. You know, like T & T (which starred Mr. T), and the Sea Hunt remake (with Ron Ely), and–wait, this might make a good article. We’ll keep that nostalgia to ourselves for now, but trust us when we say that television really did use to look like this…

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