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The “Game of Thrones” Theme Gets the 80’s Treatment [VIDEO]



Game of Thrones 80s theme

A musician took the dark brooding sounds of the Game of Thrones theme song, and injected a big dose of the 1980s into it.

Musician Steve Duzz decided that the bleak symphonic sounds of the symphonic theme for HBO’s fantasy series needed a bit of peppering up. So he pulled out a synthesizer, found the notes for the GoT theme and started pounding on the keys. The final result still sounds like the kind of theme song for a show where anyone could die at any moment but its peppy, electronica pop sound makes you feel strangely OK with it. The theme songs of the 1980s had that weird power to make even the darkest shows feel like you were about to watch something uplifting and positive.

It reminds us of the Miami Vice theme. It has a similar sound and it was a show about fighting drug cartels. We’re sure the images of flamingos and two young women in bikinis in the intro also helped.

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