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Amazing Pics of Gangsters More Interesting Than This Guy [VIDEO]


Jeremy Meeks Mug Shot

Hey, it’s Jeremy Meeks–now known all over the world as the gang member most likely to have sex with our girlfriends. Never mind that he’s just been arraigned on 11 felony counts related to firearm possession, not to mention prohibition violations and accusations of being a memnber of a street gang.┬áJeremy Meeks is still beloved as the guy with the sexiest mug shot of the year.

But is Jeremy Meeks really the most amazing gangster that you’ll see this year? Check out the video below for lots of amazing pics of other criminals with amazing looks. This isn’t just another roundup of mug shots. You’ll be watching several past┬ádecades of cool criminals with serious style to go with their serious crimes. And a lot of them died a long time ago, so they’ll never be sleeping with your girlfriend…

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