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10 Things University of South Florida Students Can Do With Their Drones



If you’re a student at the University of South Florida, something cool could be headed to your dorm room’s doorstep: a flying drone.

USF wants to make camera equipped drones available to students who are working on “high end technology projects.” The school would distribute the magical flying machines through its Digital Media Commons department and each student receiving a drone would also undergo a rigorous training period to ensure proper usage and maximum safety. The school’s hope is that students can find exciting new ways to help drones with their studies and research projects in fields such as environmental stability, land surveying and agriculture

Unfortunately,  USF may never get to implement those plans because the Federal Aviation Administration won’t think it’s a good idea. The FAA’s drone usage policy only covers “aeronautical research” and its definition for such use is limited at best. If USF students’ usage does not fall within the narrow boundaries of that definition, they have to obtain special permission for the FAA and government agencies like the FAA seem to have a problem with keeping up with their paperwork as we’ve learned from the recent Veterans’ Affairs scandal.

It’s probably for the best. We’re all for the advancement of technology and the betterment of mankind but we’re still talking about college students with unmanned aerial drones. Even if they swore on a stack of Bibles that they would only use the drones for their schoolwork, the temptation to do other things with it on campus would just be too great. Here are 10 things college students would do with their drones, just off the top of our heads…

Pizza delivery is now 30 minutes or less–or students get to deliver a ballistic can of whoop ass to the pizzeria.

First-person virtual panty raids can make the next Call of Duty game look like a big hunk of crap.

They can discover exciting new angles for “dorm porn” movies that even a horny freshman couldn’t reach with his extendable Go-Pro.

Drones can help break the world record for the tallest beer bong.

It’s easy to convince bookstore managers to bring textbook prices down when you’ve got an armed and unmanned drone aimed at their face.

Drones can help their targets get bombed in a whole different way as an aerial weed deliverer.

They would make those Mock UN meetings a hell of a lot more interesting.

Flying drones can not only go to class for you, but they can also get you a better grade if they’re properly armed.

Foreign Relations majors can finish the ultimate thesis by singlehandedly winning the war in Afghanistan.

Who says you have to go to school in Washington or Colorado to enjoy legal marijuana?

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