Stripping High School Graduate Won't Get His Degree [VIDEO]

It turns out that there’s a price to be paid for graduating high-school seniors who strip at the podium–or at least that’s the case in Fayetteville, North Carolina. That’s the home of Jack Britt High School and proud young man Quintin Murphy, who was so excited to get his diploma that he ripped off his robe and exposed himself in nothing but socks, shoes, and some very tight briefs in a leopard print.
That did not amuse Cumberland County schools Superintendent Frank Till Jr. The petty bureaucrat strongly suggested to Principal Denise Garison that Murphy get banned from the school property, and be denied his actual diploma. Murphy still gets to be a graduate, of course. He’ll just have to show his transcripts. Murphy can also show off this glorious video–which, of course, Till censored from the official school video of the graduation, because Superintendent Till totally sucks, man…

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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Awkward Dad Glamour Shots & More [Links]
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