Stuff The Intern Forgot: Awkward Dad Glamour Shots & More [Links]

The Most Awkward Dad Glamour Shots Ever

Father’s Day is already in two days, which means tomorrow night everyone is going to be scrambling around their local drugstores looking for a witty card to give to their dad. Dads can often be difficult to buy gifts for because it seems like they always have everything they need, and if they do need something, they just go out and buy it themselves. Many kids like to get all sentimental and give their dad a professional photo of all the siblings, however thanks to our friends over at Worldwide Interweb we’ve learned that the best glamour shots of all time actually include the dads–the incredibly awkward dads. CLICK HERE to see all 25 awkward dads. You will not be disappointed.

And here are some more awesome links that our idiotic intern neglected to post…

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Drinking Minimally Affects Athletic Performance-And More Morning Links
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