Carnival Operator Slammed By Ride, Final Destination-Stylee [VIDEO]

The official title for this video is “Carnival Operator Gets Slammed by Ride, Somehow Survived”–and, you know, we’re not going to ask too many questions about that. We’re just going along with that happy thought. That’s why we’re perfectly happy to watch this video over and over while marveling at how a carny worker managed to stand right in the path of a car plunging along at a really fast speed.

[UPDATE] Let’s start things out with a GIF…

We’re not sure how fast that car is going. The ride is called Speed 110, and we’ll go along with an estimate of 110 mph. Also, the ride boasts of “Extreme Movements.” Yeah, that carny operator sure got moved in an extreme fashion. Check it all out, and remember to keep your arms and legs in the moving car, or else you might end up holding some carny’s head…

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