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Bill Murray Endorses The Toledo Mud Hens’ “Ghostbusters” Night [VIDEO]


Bill Murray Ghostbusters Night Toledo Mud Hens Video

Friday, May 30th, will live on in baseball history as the Toledo Mud Hens host a “Ghostbusters Night”–and now there’s even an official endorsement from Bill Murray. That’s something to add to the list of the 10 Coolest Things That Bill Murray Has Done (Recently). The movie star didn’t just hack this out, either. We’re not sure who gets the credit for the day-glo graphics, but Mr. Murray himself is sporting a Toledo Mud Hens jersey.

The Mud Hens are a minor-league farm team for the Detroit Tigers, and we’re thinking that this game against the Charlotte Knights will bring in more buzz than anything the Tigers do this year. Bill Murray’s appearance here is certainly a big deal–especially since he seems to really be in character as Carl Spackler from Caddyshack in this spot. We’ll still wait to see if Bill Murray graces Toledo with his presence, but he’s the hottest thing in sports right now…

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