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10 Coolest Things Bill Murray Has Done (Recently) [VIDEOS]



Bill Murray is undoubtedly as relevant as ever. The actor is still starring in amazing films and showing off his acting chops better than ever. However, most importantly, Bill Murray is still doing really random and fun things for the sake of doing really random and fun things. If you’re not familiar with it, there’s actually several websites devoted to just the awesome stuff that Bill Murray does in his spare time.

After the latest account of Bill over the weekend hanging out with Emma Stone, we wanted to honor the coolest Ghostbuster. Here’s the 10 coolest things Bill Murray has done in the past few years. In no particular order, because it’s all pretty damn awesome…

When he went on Letterman in full jockey attire and drank Mint Juleps.

When he conducted the Cornell band by swinging around his jacket.


When he crashed this New York team’s kickball game.

When he played bartender at SXSW in 2010 and just gave everyone tequila shots.

 When he jumped out of a plane to kick off the 50th Chicago Air And Water Show.

When he gave a drunken tour of his Moonrise Kingdom set.

When he accepted an award in his Ghostbusters‘ costume.

When he performed with Eric Clapton.

When he had this epic pitch for his beloved Chicago Cubs.

bill murray party crasher1

And finally–when Bill crashed a party and this epic picture was taken.

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