San Antonio Spurs Get Away With Six Players On Court [VIDEO]

There are some times that some teams get away with some things. The San Antonio Spurs pulled that off during Game 6 of their NBA playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks, with the Spurs sportin six players on the floor for the final play of the game. San Antonio was trailing at the time, and–even with six men on the floor–couldn’t score a tying basket. However, this still shows that referees need to be paying closer attention.
Imagine what would have happened if the Spurs had tied the game, or maybe won it, with six players on the floor. The NBA would have to consider the idea of replaying the final 1.3 seconds to make sure that it was fair. San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said it was simply “some guy didn’t walk off the court,” so let’s check the video…
Mistakes like these really can’t happen again. A technical foul should’ve been called, and Dallas should have cruised to victory leading into the deciding game. The Spurs, however, went on to win Game 7 on Sunday to advance to the second round of the playoffs to finish off the Mavs.

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