Brazilian Soccer Fan Killed by Falling Toilet [VIDEO]

Soccer or “football” hooligans are probably among the most dangerous fans in the world–but a group of fans in Sao Paulo, Brazil took hooliganism to a deadlier extent when someone threw a toilet into a crowd of people, killing one of them.
The deadly accident happened sometime on Saturday at northeast Brazil’s Arruda Stadium when riots erupted following a match between Santa Cruz and Parana. A police officer speaking under the condition of anonymity said that three unidentified fans ripped out the toilets from the stadium bathrooms and threw them into a crowd. One of the falling toilets hit a man later identified as Paula Ricardo Gomes da Silva. He died at the scene of the riot. Footage of the deadly falling toilet was captured on video and posted to YouTube.
This couldn’t come at a worse time for Brazil. The country will host the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, the biggest sports event in the entire world. There haven’t been any calls for changes to crowd control procedures or even the venue itself yet with the World Cup just six weeks away but this could raise some serious concerns that similar incidents might happen in the minds of the games’ organizers. Of course, soccer fans are an usually unruly bunch and this sad incident probably won’t have any effect on the games or even the non-World Cup affiliated games that are scheduled to take place at the stadium. If anything, it makes NFL fans grateful that the Oakland Raiders’ home crowds are the worst of the bunch that we have to deal with in America.

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